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The Mighty Kettlebell Swing… Fifteen reps… Go!

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The Mighty Kettlebell Swing… Fifteen reps… Go!

We can spend months, even years learning to master the mighty kettlebell. We can spend each rep trying to improve our form, paying attention to all sorts of variables that can make or break our set — or our bodies, for that matter!

The KETTLEBELL SWING is like the beloved DEADLIFT with speed! It involves moving hips backwards, engaging the core, feeling tension in the hammies and glutes, keeping the upper back tight and solid; all of which are components to a healthy deadlift. However, adding the velocity component opens our bodies to a different kind of load, which allows us to build strength in a way that is not possible with another move.
We have to start somewhere. We have to be informed correctly. Anyone can do a bicep curl or attempt a lat pull and “fail” without greatly hurting himself or herself. Kettlebell movements do not leave room for great error.┬áMy job is to watch form, and before someone attempts the movement, to make sure all the little pieces are in place beforehand. But if I am not standing in front of (or next to or behind) you, all I can do is give you suggestions to prevent injury. You must understand “setting” the lats, hinging the hips, and keeping your abdominals braced before you should attempt a correct swing. If those instructions don’t make sense to you, and you want to open up your fitness world to Kettlebells, find a trainer who is certified to help you.

After studying and building my craft in the ‘bells, and receiving my official Pavel RKC Hardcore Kettlebell certification, I am confident to instruct others to learn and follow the path with me to greater strength! The swing is only scratching the surface with these iron weights. There are the Get Ups, Cleans, and Snatches, to name a few, that can be done solely with the kettlebell or chosen to do without the barbell (barbells can leave or create further muscle imbalances unattended to). Ask me questions that you have! Make sure to dedicate the time and energy to DOING IT CORRECTLY! And you will love every swing!


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