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Training Services

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Training Services

My program for each client is varied, and yet organized specifically for that person. For every movement of one’s body, there is a progression and regression, and it is my job to identify to what extent every movement is scaled. You will never repeat a workout when you’re on my time; and yet, I give clients who request it their own plans to use in between our sessions. My overall format is to use FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS. Meaning, every exercise you’ll ever do during training can be applied to the world outside of the gym. Fitness is a LIFESTYLE, and it is my goal to make each client as truly fit as he or she can be.

  • Circuit/Interval Training/HIIT
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance (To Utilize All 3 Metabolic Pathways)
  • Weight Lifting
  • Core Strength and Conditioning
  • Corrective Exercise & Postural Modification
  • Yoga Conceptualization & Flexibility
  • Stability, Balance & Accuracy
  • Stamina, Power, Speed, Agility Training
  • CrossFit
  • Special Populations/Elderly Training
  • Prenatal Training (and of course, POST-baby training, as well!)
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Reactive/Plyometrics
  • BMI and Fat Percentage Measurements & Calculations
  • Nutritional Guidance & Planning
  • Functional Movement Screens