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Peace, Love, and Fitness

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Laura Lebedun - Personal TrainerIn 2006, I found my passion and began my career as a personal trainer.  But it was long before I started working at the gym that I realized fitness changes lives.

My job as a certfied personal trainer is to give each person the opportunity to achieve his or her fitness goals. With over 5,000 sessions under my belt, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to provide clients with life-altering results; including, but not limited to: weight loss, toning and sculpting of any body, correcting posture and muscle imbalances, nutrition plans and advice, teaching even athletes how to advance their daily regimens, and of course, feeling more confident in themselves.

After attaining my first accreditation through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), I quickly moved into the next phase of my education. I became certified with Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Specializations. The former affords me the opportunity to truly reshape the body, prevent injuries, using “evidence-based education and systems.” Additionally, Performance Enhancement teaches sport-specific and general athletic training, which can be modified for anyone. To further my knowledge, I became AFAA certified (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America), adding extra perspective on the increasing amount of information in the fitness field. In 2008, I was chosen to be a trainer for a subscription fitness website,, at which point I was able to use my unique style of training to assist others, even at a distance. Excitedly, I became a CrossFit Trainer in 2010, which allows me to teach the principles of and better understand functional training through natural body movements.  Always wanting to learn more, I decided my next venture in total body training would be best explored via kettlebells.  Just as the original masters have been trained by Pavel, I also became accredited through his practices in 2012. In 2015, I received my certificates in Functional Movement Screens (FMS Levels 1 & 2), and learned a system of techniques to find and then fix imbalances in the body. I incorporate this collection of education with each session, truly making it my own, and continue to study how the body works.

There are 24 hours in a day, and people may only be in the gym for one. Therefore, I’ve chosen to provide additional support outside of my face-to-face time with clients, as well. I have people who wish to take our training beyond our sessions send me emails or texts asking questions, documenting their food journals, or asking for a word of encouragement. It is a joy for me to explain the science behind anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the human body; our most precious, priceless, and irreplaceable instrument we’ll ever know and own.

What led me to my career? I was an active person from the start, but never participated in sports. Upon completing the first year of college and gaining my “freshman 15”, I decided to join a gym, which was a foreign concept to me. Before long, I began to see changes in my body and mind, simply from picking up dumbbells! After college, I began working in a corporate setting. While great for the resume, sitting for eight hours a day was not my destiny. Shortly thereafter, I walked in to a local gym and was determined to walk out as a trainer.  I wanted to help others change their lives the same way that I had changed mine. I was hired on the spot, and trained at that gym for the next few years. In December 2009, I started my LLC, and the rest led me to present day. I have found my calling: to change lives one goal, one day, one movement, one muscle at a time.

Give me the chance to help you find your healthiest self!
Peace, Love & Fitness